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Why? We're not really sure because Marching Ants is one of the most comprehensive online shopping sites for all your First Aid supply needs, anywhere in the UK. Whether you are buying for a business or just someone buying for your own personal use we are the company for you!

We think our website is really easy to use.  All our top quality products are easy to find, either search for them in the categories listed or type the name of what you are looking for in the 'search the entire store' link.  If by any chance we don't have what you are looking for, drop us a quick email and we will see if we can get it for you 9 times out of 10 we will be able to find it for you.

Our aim is simple - to supply the best quality at some of the best prices on the net.  

What sort of First Aid Buyer are you?

We have discovered over the years that when it comes to buying First Aid Supplies for a business there are two main types of buyer:

1.   The one that always buys from the same company they have bought off for years.  More often than not you were 'lured' to this company with a special offer or inherited it from a previous employee and have continued to use them without checking prices (or quality for that matter).  If this is you, just take ten minutes out of your time to have a look round our site and compare not only the prices but the quality of the goods we supply (we know we keep going on about quality but let's be honest first aid and medical emergencies can be really serious things and you need quality products to do the job properly).  Marching Ants don't have to 'lure' customers with special offers our prices are always low and if we do get any special offers they go straight onto our website for everyone to see and take advantage of.

2.   Then there's the buyer that suddenly remembers that they need a new First Aid Kit or a few plasters and simply tag it onto the bottom of a stationery or equipment order.  Have you any idea how much more expensive and risky it is to buy your First Aid Supplies this way? And, let's be perfectly honest don't you think you should give First Aid Supplies a little bit more thought? We suspect you gave more consideration to the quality of the copier paper you ordered than you did your Workplace First Aid Kit that could end up saving a someone's life!

Very, very few businesses give the buying of First Aid Supplies the thought and attention it needs.  The majority of companies will happily send their employees on all the First Aid Courses under the sun and pay thousands a year in training and then spend as little time, effort and money as they can on the actual equipment they need in order to make all the training worthwhile.  Silly isn't it?  So come on, put a bit more thought, effort and time into your first aid buying and get it all from us and save yourself some money too.  Quality and prices and a cheerful service you can depend on.

30 Day Credit Account :  For business (or regular) buyers we offer a 30 day credit account - please see our 'Terms and Conditions' page for details on how to open an account.  

We like to make life easier for our customers no matter how big or small they are!